4 Practical Gift Ideas That Your Employees Will Appreciate

4 Practical Gift Ideas That Your Employees Will Appreciate

Gifts are a great way to build rapport with employees and show appreciation to dedicated workers. According to research on corporate gifting, 78% of respondents had increased job satisfaction when they received meaningful tokens from their employers, which is something to keep in mind if you’re looking to boost a team’s overall loyalty and performance. 

While any token will surely be appreciated, giving employees something practical is also essential. Considering that 70% of workers receive gifts they will likely never utilize, getting them something useful will ensure the token doesn’t go to waste. 

If you are looking for practical gifts for your employees to show your gratitude, these are just a few that they will surely appreciate:

Insulated tumblers

Hydration is an essential aspect of health that is often overlooked. A study on cognitive performance found that reduced physiological hydration led to greater reductions in cognition, affecting both productivity and overall health. A great counter to this is by gifting an insulated tumbler.

Insulated bottles can keep drinks at colder or warmer temperatures than other drinking utensils. Employees will be able to stay hydrated while performing different tasks. Stanley has been popular lately for its cute design and the overall effectiveness of its Quencher H2.0 model, making it a good choice for this token. You can even have the option of personalizing it with company branding to give a more thoughtful touch to your employee recognition gift.

Blue light glasses

If you want to give something that can support employee tech needs and also look out for their health, a pair of blue light glasses can be your best bet. These can be worn indoors and outdoors, which makes them a great practical gift.

It’s widely known that LED screens emit light frequencies that cause eye fatigue and strain. A pair of blue-light-ready specs will prevent this from happening as they block out the harmful rays from computers. They can also block harmful UV rays from the sun. Ray-Ban’s New Clubmaster Optics are classic frames that fit almost any face, making for a stylish yet helpful present to give your employees. This gift can contribute to employee productivity and health, showing that your company cares about their well-being. 

Desk organizer

Keeping a clean workspace is essential for every employee. This can be difficult for offices with shared desks or limited storage solutions. As such, gifting desk organizers can definitely solve this problem.

Studies on cleanliness and mental health found that organization and tidiness positively affect the mind. A neat workspace can help boost mood as well as productivity, while messy spaces cause anxiety and distress for many individuals, so products that encourage cleanliness can be a huge help not only for their productivity but also their mental wellness. Sorbus’ 3-Tier Bamboo Shelf offers the perfect storage solution as it can hold papers, small trinkets, and other miscellaneous items your employees might have. It is also compact enough to fit almost any workspace.

Personalized pens

There’s nothing more valuable in the workplace than a pen. They are multifunctional and can be used both in and out of the office. A high-quality, personalized pen can certainly be a useful token to make any employee feel appreciated.

The Cross Century II is a good choice for its build as a high-end pen with a sleek metallic design. Parker’s Jotter pens also make for classy employee gifts. They are sturdy and don’t cost as much as other brands.

When choosing the perfect practical gift for your employees, consider what is most useful to their everyday needs. If you want to add a personal touch to your token, you can even send a virtual appreciation card to show that you value the work they do and help you express your gratitude to the fullest.