Greetings are better, together

Greetings are better, together
Welcome to GreetPool.
“Our mission is to make collective greetings simpler, more memorable, and more meaningful”
Greetings are an alternate form of sharing our human emotions and reactions.  Joy, gratitude, sympathy, humor, love, support, care, and admiration are some of the common emotions expressed as greetings.
A greeting card is a simple yet powerful instrument to connect with people who have touched our lives. Its blank canvas holds infinite possibilities and offers unlimited possibilities to express anything, and everything, the way we want. It allows us to convey a wide variety of sentiments to express our caring for our family, friends, coworkers, customers, clients, and others who are part of our lives.

We ‘greet’ others almost every day. From simple routine ‘Good morning’, ‘How are you doing?’ to well crafted, meaningful letters, greetings form an integral part of our human society.
As we grow in life, Greetings and greeting cards play an especially important role during personal milestones of life such as birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, graduation, becoming parents, buying a house, as well as moments of professional growth such as starting a new job, work anniversaries, promotions, farewells, retirement, completing a big project, launching a new business/product, etc. These are all important milestones in everyone’s lives and some are a once-a-lifetime event.
Our growth and life’s achievements can feel incomplete, irrelevant, and joyless if we have no one to share these special moments with. This is likely where the tradition of Greeting others, and the inherent reciprocity of exchange originated from


Whenever someone takes the time and makes an effort to acknowledge our personal milestone, it makes the moment more memorable. A thoughtful gesture to appreciate the achievement can make a lasting impression. It also shows how much they care for us and makes us feel loved and cared for.
When this effort of recognizing the milestones of life is done as a group, it amplifies the collective expression and makes us feel even better – a whole group of people love us, care for us, respect us, appreciate us, and are there for us to support us and cheer on. Close your eyes and remember a moment when the last time you received a collective recognition in the form of applause, a call out, an award, or simply, a shared greeting card from the people around you. Didn’t that make you all warm and fuzzy inside and made you think back to all the people who were part of that moment and made it special by sharing that with you.
“Greetings are better, together”
There is no substitute for collective recognition, appreciation, acknowledgment, and celebration. We at GreetPool, strive to make collective greetings simpler, more memorable, and more meaningful.
Be a part of someone’s special moment and invite your entire close group to do so. Make them feel special and valued. Express your emotions, with words and more, and forge stronger bonds, together.
Say it, together.
GreetPool Team